01 Getting to know your camera


My camera is a Canon EOS 5D digital. I have been using it often and I have experimented with the various settings. But for this course I have decided to spend some extra time and read my camera’s manual before start doing the exercises of the Introduction. For every exercise I will be referring to the relevant page of my manual and read it carefully. Until now I have ofter found the manual inadequate since when showing for instance two photos taken with the setting AV (Aperture Value) below of the photos there are no technical info. I have also downloaded the manual on my computer in pdf format and in english which will help me to explain better, whenever I need it the settings I have used. I believe practice is the best way to develop the skills & techniques required in order to be be able to take the photos I want.


I find the technical issues sometimes hard to master and I want to devote time to do the exercises in order to find my weaknesses.


In this webpage http://www.photonhead.com/beginners/shutterandaperture.php, I have found the following photos and they help me a lot to understand what I have been trying to figure out for quite sometime now. I guess illustrations help me more that I expected to register new information in my memory.

aperturesettings_180   shutterspeeds_180exopsure_compare




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