Exercise Positioning the horizon

Exercise Positioning the horizon-3Exercise Positioning the horizon-2Exercise Positioning the horizon-1

The horizon can add to the composition if used cleverly.

Low horizon (1st photo)

In the first photo the horizon has been placed towards the bottom of the photo. In this way it has given room to the sky. This works very well when I want to capture beautiful cloud formations.

Horizon almost in the centre (2nd photo)

The photo doesn’t have the same strong dynamic effect as the other two. But I have noticed that the horizon in the centre of the photo can work in some cases (i.e. reflections).

High horizon (3rd photo)

Here the horizon is close to the top of the frame and allows the lower part of the image to play the most important role in the composition. The eye stays on the rocks and then travels back. The viewer is being given a sense of distance. I prefer this version, the composition here has a powerful effect.

Exercise Positioning the horizon-1-2 Exercise Positioning the horizon-2-2

The first photo has the horizon placed almost in the centre and the second in the centre. I believe the second is most interesting because of the image’s landscape orientation.




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