Assignment 3_Colour

It has been such a journey to get here. I have had great problems with organising my time for the needs of this part of the course. I have been travelling a lot, and my schedule became more demanding that I had planned with work and family matters. I have struggled to submit this assignment on time and many times I was questioning myself if I should quit or not. I am happy I have managed to complete it. I could have done better but I am satisfied.

Assignment 3: Colour

Prepared by: Theodora Grivopoulou, 512340

Photography 1: The Art of Photography

February 19, 2014



The objective of this assignment is to demonstrate my command of colour in photography, being able to find and use different colours in deliberate relationships. I must identify at least two kinds of colour relationships amongst complementary colours, similar colours, contrasting colours and colour accents.

I was asked to take four photographs for each category that illustrate the following colour relationships:

  • colour harmony through complementary colours
  • colour harmony through similar colours
  • colour contrast through contrasting colours
  • colour accent by using any of the above

I have worked mostly with flowers and landscapes. I was enthusiastic about the work I had to produce since color is crucial for my soul. I adore color for the emotions it conveys. In most of my photos the flowers I have utilized are abstracted in the composition in such a way that you no longer recognize what you see. Focusing my camera on the color I have created these photographic blurs. Trying to find my artistic voice, I have followed an inner need to capture differently the reality. My eyes want to alter the camera lens perception into something new, it may even be my distorted view.

Assignment 3 – Colour

Herein below, please find my photos:

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 My review

I have devoted a lot of time & energy for this part of the course. My photographs are intended to convey emotions. I like to treat colour as a language and let it speak for me with its expressive power.

I may not be very interested in the descriptive clarity of photography at this period of time. So I have once again chosen to experiment myself with blurred images.

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

For this assignment, I have tried to select the photos that pleased my eyes most. While taking the photos I didn’t have the luxury to wait for different light. Since I cannot always control natural light I have encountered some failures. I still need to work with my exposure metering.

Quality of outcome

My intent was the photographs to be a surprise to the viewer.

I am very happy with the quality of the print photos. I have changed the printing company and I am now pleased that the files I have send were printed in the way I wanted. Yet this time I didn’t have time to visit them and discuss the different paper options I have.

Demonstration of creativity

The hues in most of my photo do represent me. Some of the color combinations I have used like red, green and violet depict my notion of happiness. And therefore I feel happy that I have managed to express myself through my photography.


I am constantly seeing the works of other photographers. When a certain photographer’s  body of work appeals to me, I am overjoyed and spend time not just admiring the work but trying to identify what and how I am affected and even inspired. This time I have found two photographers whose work is interesting me, the one is called Uta Barth and the other is Cheryl Maeder.

Current Reading

1)          Michael Freeman, (2010), The photographer’s eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos

2)          Terry Barrett, (1996), Criticizing Photographs, Mayfield Publishing Company

3)         Wells, Liz (2009) Photography: A critical introduction (2nd Edition), Routledge

4)          Prakel, D (2007) Basics Photography: composition. Laussane: AVA Publishing

Assignment 3-Color my review


One thought on “Assignment 3_Colour

  1. Lovely work and great to see a new interpretation of the assignment. You’re luck to be surrounded by such colours – I’m working on the same section of the course in the UK in winter and so far only have shades of grey…
    Good luck.

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