Reflection before Assignment 3

Once I started reading this part of the course I kept thinking about photographers that I love the way the handle colour in their work. The first that came into my mind was Steve Mc Curry ( He is a real master, he truly manages to seduce me and create highly expressive photos:

Yes, the photos have been edited and the colours are highly saturated but we cannot but be affected by his colour photos. Ted Grant’s said that “when you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes, but when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls”. But I believe that Steve Mc Curry proved that in there are no strict rules and rules are there to be broken.

Another photographer that I have linked with colour is Constantine Manos (again from Magnum) for his awarded colour project American Colour.

cover review_full-1 review_full


thumbs_constantine-manos-30 thumbs_constantine-manos-62 thumbs_constantine-manos-55


What is interesting is that he dared to work with colour after his famous black and white work “A Greek Portfolio”. His project is an American color of 90’s.  He has created a set of fascinating images that engage both the eye and mind in repeated viewings and contemplation.


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