Exercise_Softening the light


Before starting the exercise, I was a little confused by the course matter. It seems that I need more practical explanations when technical matters are concerned, so I have searched in the internet and have found the following link very interesting


The video was very useful and I got an idea of how to create a cheap diffuser. The whole idea is use a diffuser in order to turn a hard light into a soft light.

The photos have been taken with my iphone camera. The two spot lights from my kitchen fan produce a harsh light. The background is disturbing.
photo 1-1

I have used a transparent packing plastic material with some tape and have lightly covered the spotlight. The photo below shows how the lights have been softened to create a more uniform background. The angle I have used is not the correct one but i think I have managed to understand the difference.


softern the light



The bare spotlight:photo 2-2



The covered spotlight:



It is clear that the light is soften even in the way by used the cheapest material available.

Finally, I have also tracked down this link which I find very interesting and inspiring



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