For this exercise I have to imagine a magazine cover. The subject is: rain. When I first read this it seemed quite strange. We rarely have rain in Greece in May. But then I thought that if I don’t have rain, then I must somehow create it. I had this concept fixed on my mind until one day while being in the car and waiting for my son after school, heavy rain started to fall. This was very unexpected and I was disappointed that I didn’t have my camera with me. I have instantly picked up my iPhone and took the following image:

rain another version_1


I have instantly loved it. It has Greek architecture and colours and the rain has created some interesting diagonal patterns on my windscreen.

It hasn’t been easy to produce a cover from this photo though. Selecting the right colours for the fonts is a science, not to mention selecting the right fonts for the concept you want to give to your magazine. I have finally used the orange colour for the title because I loved the contrast it creates. Herein below is my final version. Please ignore the white border!  The cover has been prepared in Word and when I exported the file as .pdf. a white border is created:

cover page rain_2 αντίγραφο


Impossible is possible, so this year we had more rain that expected! This Saturday while I was again in the car in Athens, a sudden downpour had filled my eyes. Again without camera, again my iPhone and the click of the camera produced the following photo:

rain another version


I thought that another version is possible so I have prepared the following magazine cover. This photo seemed more formal to me and so this magazine has another concept. While I liked the photo, placing the right fonts and the right colours proved to be problematic. The shape of the rain droplets was confusing the text. I decided to use a black “shape” on top of the photo so as to give space to the letters of the title. Here is my final version:



cover page rain_5 αντίγραφο


Another rainy day today. This time I got home after the rain and I took my camera to experiment. Here is the photo I have selected to present. This is the reflection of an olive tree to to a puddle on the concrete of my house. 


rain cover-1

It has been easier to prepare a cover with this photo because of the cool blue tones and the photo composition which allowed many variations.

cover page rain_3 αντίγραφοPreparing the above covers, I have to admit that no matter how interesting the photo may be,   to illustrate a cover dexterity is demanded.



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