Exercise: Review a portrait sequence




How do you set up a formal session for a portrait sequence in a hotel during a summer holiday in a Greek island? The boy was quite unenthusiastic but I was so eager, so the process began hesitantly. In the introduction of the book “Train your gaze”, Roswell Angier says “A portrait, the result of a consensual process, depends upon the subject’s agreement to be photographed. It assumes a level of trust”. It is amusing that his expression is gradually changing and he even starts to enjoy the process.

ασκηση 6-24

ασκηση 6-23 ασκηση 6-22 ασκηση 6-21 ασκηση 6-20 ασκηση 6-19 ασκηση 6-18 ασκηση 6-17 ασκηση 6-16 ασκηση 6-15 ασκηση 6-14 ασκηση 6-13 ασκηση 6-12 ασκηση 6-11
ασκηση 6-7 ασκηση 6-6 ασκηση 6-5 ασκηση 6-4 ασκηση 6-3 ασκηση 6-2 ασκηση 6-1


The photo below is the one I find the most successful, it is mainly the bright eyes and his serene expression that I like. The photo has been slightly edited.

ασκηση 6-8

This was the final image of the session, the boy was tired, the heat was oppressive and I was pleased that at least more than one images were to my satisfaction.


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