My feedback on my tutor’s report for Assignment 1: People aware

This .pdf includes the text with the relevant images oca assingment 1 feedback P&P

My feedback on my tutor’s report for Assignment 1

I am happy that my tutor appreciates my enthusiasm and I find it very interesting if I manage to stretch myself into new undiscovered areas. Photographing a close one has been a real challenge.

I find it hard to explain the effect the black outline has, I have asked the printing company to include this. I will try to print without it the next time so that I can compare the two versions.

Pointers to correct/improve for my future assignments:

  • I do know I need to take the lighting into a move serious consideration.
  • I will label each image with a number or letter for easier reference and even include a contact sheet.
  • I understand that the very shallow depth of field can produced a different result than the one I want.

Photo 1

I understand that the very shallow depth of field has produced a relatively different result than the one I wanted. I can now see that the eyes are not well focused and that the image would have a different dynamics if the eyes were properly focused. My tutor is right about the detailed part of his top in the bottom left corner, which is clear and focused and pulls the viewer’s eye out of the photo.

Photo 2

This image is grainy because I did it intentionally, the light was right I believe.

Photo 3

I see the shadow under the left eye and I hope to learn how to fix such kind of issue in post-production.

Photo 4

It has been indeed my attempt to experiment with a small depth of field and I have intentionally added grain to most of my images in Lightroom (my editing software). Photo 4 is the most successful for the effect I have strived for. I am interested in incorporating grain (especially in the black and white versions) because I find that this noisy look adds feeling and a nostalgic mood to the final image.

I can see that the eye is not as focused as it could be but I don’t know why. I agree that this is an interesting compassion and the boy was really playful when working for this one.

Photo 5

Similar case with the Photo 1 the very shallow depth of field seems to be problematic.

Photo 6

Yes the shadow under the left eye is a little harsh. It could have been avoided if I had used a reflector, yet at the moment I do not know yet how to soften it in post-production but I am willing to try it.

Photo 7

I am seriously thinking about submitting my work for assessment. I have completed the course The Art of Photography and to my great disappointment I didn’t manage to have my work assessed. Family came first and I had to deal with many issue and even moving house. Apart from this was the fact that I am a perfectionist and I wanted to have new prints for my photos, I couldn’t find the time to organize my material so I have missed the date.


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