Candida Hofer

One of the suggested photographers to view was Candida Hofer, a well known German , architectural photographer with a very straight forward, slightly disconnected style. She has photographed interiors of public spaces such as libraries, museums and hotels with nobody in them. This absence of human presence emphasizes the stillness and tranquility of the space photographer and yet the presence of people is somehow implied (i.e. empty chairs).

“Her photographs dive into the psychology of social architecture, where buildings and infrastructure can reflect cultural identity. Building can seem to be oppressive, intimidating, contemporary, open, seductive, proud, pompus, accessilble, inhospitable, showy and ostentatious. How the surface of a building, and its architechural infrastructure, effects you depends on your cultural perspective. While I see very ornate detail work and think that this is too osentatcious, others may think this is proper and entirely appropriate. It would seem that Höfer does not seem to make any judgements, but docuements what she finds, which I think is too simple of an assessment”. (Douglas Stockdale_source:

Klat_Candida_Hofer_1 mr-xerox-25056333 Candida-Hofer-Custom tumblr_mcob6hXFYi1rk3hpbo1_r1_1280 Candida-Hofer-Masonic-Temple-Philadelphia-I-2007.png Beautiful-Libraries-Candida-Höfer-01-Trinity-College-Dublin Museo-Magazine-Candida-Hofer-Masonic-Temple-PhiladelphiaI-V-2007_800

I like her work but I am mostly impressed by her simple and minimalistic photos like the ones below.

candidahofer candida hofer candida hofer-ballettzentrum-hamburg-iii-2000 candida hofer 2

About Candida Höfer

In majestic large-format color photography, Candida Höfer captures the psychological residue left behind in empty public and institutional spaces. Höfer meticulously composes her shots, positioning herself symmetrically either in the center of rooms or along a diagonal that best reveals the space’s internal architecture. She prefers places that contain an institutional history, embodied either in texts or in structures, such as libraries, museums, and zoos. A member of the Dusseldorf School and former student of Bernd and Hilla Becher, Höfer is influenced by the legacy of conceptual and typological photography. (Source:

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