My feedback on my tutor’s report

My feedback on my tutor’s report

It is very important for me that my tutor supports my work

“You are continuing to work methodically through the course and you have been restructuring your blog, which looks good.”

As suggested I have changed the headings in my blog so that they are viewable and easier to navigate. I find quite slow and hard to manage but I have to time to change it now.

I know I haven’t included image 9 because it was a final decision to change it with another one I wasn’t please with. I also knew that image 10 has a stain, it happened during the workshop with Patrich Zachmann where I showed the photos to the group of photographers. Accidents happen but I had no time to reprint it and I thought it may be better to send it even with the stain. Please forgive me for not making a note for both of these images.

“I wonder if they are actually a little too grainy in places?”

Yes, they are but it was my decision to be grainy as they are. But you are right that I need small test prints before the final ones. Again I have to time to do this. Time is a huge issue for me, but I prefer to do this module in any way I can even if I fail in the assessment. Trying is better than quitting.

I will try to include as many contact sheets as possible and additionally I will try to shoot more photos for every exercise or project.

“Very often it turns out that as I write about something,

it gets better. It’s not that I’m so enthusiastic that I make it better,

but that in writing, because the words are an instrument of thinking”.

Marcia Siegel1

It is very hard for me to critically reflect in more detail about what is successful or not and why for each exercise. I try in vain to pinpoint in words the feelings provoked. Criticism is a complex procedure for me. But I try not to be discouraged but I feel that I am in a elementary level as far as judging photographs is concerned.

“Also try to get to as many exhibitions as you can and reflect on these. It is useful to think about how the images are framed or laid out in the gallery, as well as the impact scale has on the audience. In thinking about these things it will help you when you are considering the physical and material nature of your own printed images.”

The same happens with the exhibitions I go, I have been to many of them. I have a great difficulty to write about them and also my time is limited for processing the photos of the exhibitions I go.

For the photographers suggested for the next assignment I have uploaded independent posts in the section People and Place

-> Research.

  1. Criticizing photographs, Terry Barrett_Mayfield Publishing Company, 1990

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