Philip Trager

Philip Trager

“I’ve always had the feeling that

the presence of people would interfere

with my feeling of the building”

Philip Trager is a preeminent and expressionistic photographer of architecture and dance. “Trager’s place-portraiture, his portraits of buildings, are considered landmarks in architectural photography. He subjects are selected mainly for aesthetic rather than their historical or cultural importance.

He has photographed dancers in a very expressionistic way and this has made him one of the foremost photographers of his time.

I was far more impressed by his dancers photos rather than the buildings ones. But now looking into the following three photos I have selected I can seen the similarities in his approach and how important the curves are for his composition.


philip trager_1 Philip-Trager-Guggenheim-Museum-1978   philip trager_biulding

philip trager

About Philip Trager

Philip Trager is a fine art photographer who has received international critical acclaim for his photography, particularly within the genres of architectural and dance photography. His most recent books are Philip Trager, a major retrospective book, and Faces, both published by Steidl. His other books include Echoes of Silence, Photographs of Architecture, Philip Trager: New York, Wesleyan Photographs, The Villas of Palladio, Dancers, Persephone, and Changing Paris. Trager’s books have been awarded many honors, including three selected for the Annual Holiday Book issue of The New York Times Annual Review of Books and his books have also been selected as Best Books by Interview, Vanity Fair, The Times (London), New York Magazine and others. His work is included in numerous institutional collections including Bibliotheque Nationale, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Center for Creative Photography, Corcoran Gallery of Art, and the Metropolitan Museum Of Art. The Library of Congress is acquiring a complete collection of his published and unpublished photographs as well as his archives. (Source:

The article below has been suggested by my tutor Rachel Smith, in order to help me before considering the people within it.

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