Rodrigo Oliveira


Trained as a sculptor, Rodrigo Oliveira does not limit himself to any single medium. Oliveira describes his work as “characterized by my research into the legacy of modernism in contemporary culture,” and made “mostly without adding anything special or new: altering a daily life object, or…revealing something that is already there.” A recurring theme in Oliveira’s projects is a critical exploration of the display of art. As a result, his art is usually site-specific, engaging directly with surrounding space. He also includes direct references to art history, particularly the works of Piet Mondrian, Le Corbusier, Mies Van de Rohe, and Mel Bochner.

I like his vision, clear lines and symmetry achieved. The use of colour is careful and well-thought. I didn’t find a lot of information about this photographer but I plan to do another research on him later on.

rodrigo oliveira rodrigo oliveira -1 20150728112014-04_GFS-RodrigoOliveira2015

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