Exercise: Exploring function


This is an private art gallery in the island of Hydra, Greece housed in an old stone basement. Sometimes art galleries are overwhelming but his one is simple and effortless. It is open to the public for visit and usually it is not crowded. The space is ample so that the main viewer’s focus can be on the art pieces exhibited. The visitors and customers can easily navigate themselves into this space. The area of the gallery is well lit and the art placed on the white walls is likely to be looked uninterrupted. I believe that this space successfully serves its purpose.



The above photos explore a grocery store in the island of Hydra, Greece. The shop sells food packed in cans, boxes, bottles and other non-food products. The owner of this shop has tried to use every inch of his space. The place is overfull and once being in there you feel restricted, but also content that whatever you may need is possible to be found there. It is sure that the only who can easily move in this space is the owner. The customers are quite restricted in this space.


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