“White stands for a fresh start, a blank page. This colour forms the point of departure for a multi-faceted exhibition in which the public is brought into contact with the various significances of white. WHITE is a multidisciplinary event, presenting documentary, portrait and landscape photography, as well as art, fashion, design, architecture, film, video and more. WHITE is all about our society, about diverse cultures, religion and politics. WHITE is historical and contemporary. It is a voyage of discovery along narratives and experiences full of contrasts between light and dark, open and closed, life and death. WHITE shows the relationship between photography as an art form and current social themes, as well as the interaction between the museum’s own collection, extraordinary works on loan, and unique works realized through commissions. WHITE has been compiled by Anne van der Zwaag, curator and publicist in the domain of art, design, fashion, photography and colour!”

This is a multimedia exhibition exploring the interaction between photography as an art form. Films, clothes, photographs, sculptures, paintings, video art showing the place of white colour in the modern societies, in various cultures, religion & politics.

I find it very interesting. For the few photos I have seen, visiting the webpage of the Museum (http://www.nederlandsfotomuseum.nl/en/exhibitions-events/exhibitions/current/event/33-white-photography-art-design-fashion-film) white dominates in the images and is translated in different ways.

I have particularly liked the painting (image herein below)
From the serie O you who believe, 2009 © Katinka Lampe. Courtesy Galerie Ron Mandos

  • Katinka Lampe
     I like the gaze. I love the innocent look and the red lips. I admire the way white is treated, so transparent as to reveal the skin, yet on the top of the painting it becomes opaque and therefore you cannot see the hair. White is for purity, spirituality, peace, innocence and youth. The background colour is carefully selected. The cross, a symbol full of Christian context,  a reminder of sacrifice and salvation. Does the white clothing means newly baptized? Leonardo Da Vinci said “The first of all single colors is white … We shall set down white for the representative of light, without which no color can be seen; yellow for the earth; green for water; blue for air; red for fire; and black for total darkness.”

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