Reflection after Part One

I have submitted the Assignment 1, and I have found some time to reflect on what I have learned so far:

1) It always takes more time that I have planned to finish a project. I must have the photos of the assignment ready for printing and allow at least 7 days for this. The courier is quite fast (about 24 hours).

2) When I finish the project, it is essential to organize all the material I have been gathering/producing for the exercises/assignment. Only after this procedure I can go on with the rest of the course.

2) I am now more confident with the f/strops. I need to work more with the time values (TV mode). I still need to work with the exposure settings and I must always remember to check the histogram when I take photos to avoid burnt areas.

3) I must be careful with cropping. The setting should always be ORIGINAL. This is very important for correct printing.

4) The white wasn’t printed very nice in some photos. I must speak with TIPOMA to ask them if I have to change some settings on my monitor and ask advice how we can solve this problem.

5) I need to find a way to have the exif data of my photos automatically printed for both the print photographs and the web version.

6) Always stick to one notebook, otherwise life get chaotic!!!

7) Back up my work!


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