From the webpage of Michael Freeman about Contrast in Composition

I have found the following post very enlightening and informative and because I want to get back to this again and again I am writing this post to have it here and reread it: “The first Assignment in the first of the OCA Photography course, The Art of Photography, is an exercise in finding and photographing contrasting qualities. There’s a particular purpose here, and it is intended to set the tone for the course. Deliberately, this first assignment has nothing to do with camera mechanics, or lenses, or any of the usual purely photographic issues. Instead, it goes to one … Continue reading From the webpage of Michael Freeman about Contrast in Composition

In preparation for the Assignment 1

In preparation for the Assignment 1, I have selected My old photos (please open this .pdf) and have prepared the following pairs of contrasts: High/Low, Broad/Narrow, Straight/Curved, Many/Few, Light/Dark, Rough/Calm. This process has helped me a lot to concentrate on the essence of the project, brought me ideas about the images I want to create and even indicated some possible locations for the photos I needed for the Assignment 1. I don’t usually take abstact photos so this Assignment will be a challenge to go beyond my limits. I am thinking a lot about how to present a more uniform/matching appearance at least … Continue reading In preparation for the Assignment 1


One of my old photos (before TAoP) showing contrasts. This is a photo I love because of the black and white picture as the background on the one side of the photo and the dancer with the bright yellow uniform on the other side. It was during her break that I took this photo and I had the chance to capture her daydreaming. Is she dreaming of her lover? Does she want to be kissed? A lot of emotions fill me when I see this photo. And I cannot but remember The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, the poem … Continue reading Contrast