My feedback on my tutor’s report

My feedback on my tutor’s report It is very important for me that my tutor supports my work “You are continuing to work methodically through the course and you have been restructuring your blog, which looks good.” As suggested I have changed the headings in my blog so that they are viewable and easier to navigate. I find quite slow and hard to manage but I have to time to change it now. I know I haven’t included image 9 because it was a final decision to change it with another one I wasn’t please with. I also knew … Continue reading My feedback on my tutor’s report

Olena Slyesarenko_Photographer   In the book of Maria Short “Context and narrative”, I had discover the above photo from Ukrainian photographer Olena Slyesarenko from her project Pickled. It has been very inspiring to see how a photographer has presented another variation of portraiture achieving an artistic and dreamlike feeling. I also find it very ingenious that she has used water to “force” her subjects to relax and have not contract over the resulting image. She even managed to make water look unnoticeable making her images even more powerful.    Continue reading Olena Slyesarenko_Photographer

Exercise: Experimenting with light

Experimenting with light is a lifetime project for me. The light is usually a deciding factor for a successful picture. I am not always very confident in controlling the intensity of light and the highlights it creates. This project has helped to understand more how many factors can affect the look of my final images. I need to try out various situations, especially the ones where I have failed to have the result I wanted. I now have a reflector and I need to learn how to use it with trust when I need to fill in shadows.    Continue reading Exercise: Experimenting with light