Exercise: Focus with a set aperture

    I have found this exercise quite difficult. Initially, I haven’t paid attention to the words “acute angle”. After several attempts to take the photos I liked and after having read the exercise I have taken the above photos. Herein below are some other photos I have taken:    My conclusion is that the eye is looking for the point of sharp focus and that if I want my objects to stand out I have to use a sharp focus. Until now, I had never thought about the visual power of the focus. Continue reading Exercise: Focus with a set aperture

01 Getting to know your camera

  My camera is a Canon EOS 5D digital. I have been using it often and I have experimented with the various settings. But for this course I have decided to spend some extra time and read my camera’s manual before start doing the exercises of the Introduction. For every exercise I will be referring to the relevant page of my manual and read it carefully. Until now I have ofter found the manual inadequate since when showing for instance two photos taken with the setting AV (Aperture Value) below of the photos there are no technical info. I have also downloaded the manual on my … Continue reading 01 Getting to know your camera