Assignment 2_Elements of design

Herein below are the photos I have selected for Assignment 2-Elements of Design. My subject is ABSTACTION. I am not very pleased with the result but I am pleased with the progress I have done in understanding the elements of design.

assignment 2-7076

single point dominating the composition

assignment 2-7123

two points

assignment 2-7368

several points in a deliberate shape

assignment 2-7066

several points in a deliberate shape

assign 2 sm-7152

a combination of vertical and horizontal lines

assign 2 sm-2-5


assign 2 sm-7083


assign 2 sm-2-6

distinct, even if irregular, shapes

assign 2 sm-2-7

at least two kinds of implied triangle

assign 2 sm-2-8

at least two kinds of implied triangle

assignment 2-7292


assignment 2-7376


Assignment 2: Elements of Design

Prepared by: Theodora Grivopoulou, 512340

Photography 1: The Art of Photography

December 05, 2013

Elements of Design


The objective of this assignment is to incorporate the insights that I have learnt so far on the course “The Art of Photography” into a set of photographs directed towards one type of subject. I have been tasked with producing 10-15 photographs of a similar subject to show the following effects:

  1. Single point dominating the composition
  2. Two points
  3. Several points in a deliberate shape
  4. A combination of both vertical and horizontal lines
  5. Diagonals
  6. Curves
  7. Distinct if irregular shapes
  8. At least two kinds of implied triangle
  9. Rhythm
  10. Pattern

For this assignment the subject I have chosen was ABSTRACTION. My initial idea was to photograph Flowers and Plants but after taking some photos, I wasn’t pleased with the result. The big question was how to photograph a subject that has been already photographed exceptionally by masters such as André Kertész. I have then decided to photograph food and plants but in a different way. I have changed the lens of my camera into a macro one and started to experiment. I have deliberately changed the focus of the lens into the manual mode and started taking photos setting my lens out of focus. I have observed that the highlights were softened and since the result pleased me and I have continued to work towards this idea.

Once more, my aim was to create interesting images having always in mind the elements of design I have been taught.

My review

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I have intentionally chosen to present my work in a blurred way. This required great precision and many arrangement changes of my still life setup. I have used a macro lens for the whole project and have deactivated the automatic focus of the lens. In this way I had full control of the image I wanted to produce. It was hard for me to find the appropriate focal length for each photo, in order to have the result I had imagined. I am pleased with the outcome and I believe that I have incorporated my newly acquired knowledge from the previous assignment. I have to admit that I cannot control light very well so I had to check each photo and, if needed, readjust my settings accordingly.

The decision to present my work in a blurred way was not an easy one. When I was a young girl I used to do a trick with my eyes and I wanted to recreate this sensation. So this is somehow linked with my inner world.

Quality of outcome

When I have received the printed photos I was not pleased. In fact with some I was disappointed. I have been experimenting and I think that at this early stage of my studies, I can allow myself the luxury of experimentation and even failure. I did not need to do any postproduction work to my photos, not even cropping and this is a big step for me.

Demonstration of creativity

It has been a great challenge for me to set up my own still life without having a studio. Making the food appear, as something different is quite new for me. My mind was very preoccupied with my work and so my creativity was blocked. Yet, when working for this project, I have used various objects and have tried to push my imagination limits further.

I am in search of my own artistic voice. Well-planned still life photos do interest me. Working toward one type of subject is a new and constructive experience.


As it usually happens, there are indeed photos that are stronger than others. I have done my best to present my photos as coherently as possible despite the fact that the technique I have applied was hard to master in such a short time. My inspiration photos along with all the research and reading I have done, have contributed to a deeper understanding of the elements of design. My eye has learned to observe lines and shapes and my mind is constantly processing my learning.

Updating my blog with the photos I take for the exercises has proved to be time consuming but I insist in doing it because I can check my progress.

Current Reading

  1)          Michael Freeman, (2010), The photographer’s eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos

2)          Michael Freeman, (2010), The photographer’s mind: Creative thinking for better digital photos

3)         Wells, Liz (2009) Photography: A critical introduction (2nd Edition), Routledge

4)          Prakel, D (2007) Basics Photography: composition. Laussane: AVA Publishing


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